How to Purchase Tickets

Buy tickets online

Click here to purchase tickets online. (

Buy tickets at our bus station

Delta Bus Lines operates six bus stations that are equipped to sell tickets. You can purchase tickets for travel in advance or for the next bus available.

Application of Fares

Delta Bus Lines does not guarantee that fares available on-line will be available at local agencies or in reverse. Fares are also subject to change without notice.

Purchase a ticket for someone at a different location

Prepaid Ticket Order (PTO) options are also available. A PTO allows you to send a same-day ticket to a person in another city. This ticket is transferred from one bus station to the other, under the following criteria:

  • The buyer can purchase a prepaid ticket for someone in another city for the cost of the ticket plus an $18 service charge fee.
  • Tickets may not be transferred outside the U.S.
  • Both stations must be open at the time of transaction and ticket pick-up.
  • Buyer and recipient should allow three hours from time of purchase to departure time to complete the transaction.
  • Appropriate ID and confirmation number is required to pick up the ticket.
  • Only the purchaser may cancel the ticket or apply for a refund.
  • The recipient has 10 days from purchase to pick up the ticket.

In some locations, it is a bus stop area only. You can board the bus without a ticket. You will then purchase your ticket at the next stop that has ticket sales.