Bus travel enjoys the safest record among all modes of travel. And among registered carriers in the U.S. Delta Bus ranks in the top 1 percent (American Bus Association publication).

The Federal Highway administration’s 1995 report of fatal accidents occurring in 1992 indicates that there were 14.0 accidents per 100,000 registered buses (including school, transit and over-the-road). For only over-the-road passenger carrier accidents, the Federal Highway Administration collected data from 1984-1988 and reported 2,922 accidents and 372 fatalities. Mechanical difficulties and bad weather are not reported as significant causes of accidents. Since safety is our No. 1 company value and because the causal factors of accidents are not easily categorized, safety training is given high priority: Delta Bus has always been a safety leader in the industry.

Delta Bus maintains comprehensive safety awareness and training programs for its staff. A full-time safety coordinator directs the Safety Department, which oversees these specific safety-related initiatives:

  • Monitoring and adherence to DOT regulations for operator shifts
  • Random drug and alcohol testing procedures
  • Emergency training
  • 24-hour emergency hotline for drivers
  • Training in accommodating physically-challenged individual

Delta Bus ‘s driver training program is one of the most extensive in the industry. Each new hire driver receives a minimum of two weeks of classroom and vehicle training. In addition, the driver travels with veteran drivers for a minimum period of one week to gain further experience.

Delta Bus enjoys a strong safety record not just in response to regulation, but because our customers have set our standards. They have come to expect “an unparalleled quality travel experience” from Delta Bus . Loyal customers appreciate our standards and contribute to our future growth.